We aim to be the biggest children’s schooling EdTech Platform.

Twin is an ed-tech platform where children can complete a reinforcing learning cycle of primary school education with digital applications and physical kits.

40% of existing jobs will be lost to automation until 2040 and STEAM-based employment is growing by 13%. 

Twin is empowering kids with science for good, encouraging them to solve the environmental, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century. We have designed a double-winged STEAM approach. Values as empathy, collaboration, respect for diversity, social responsibility are integrated wisely into our science curriculum.

We use a hybrid model using digital and physical products interbedded.

Our products:

- Twing Mobile Application: Skill-based development with challenges, quiz, video, and gamification features.

- 6 STEAM Kits: Hands-on learning with Robotics, Coding, Aviation, Art, Curiosity, and Autonomous Vehicle (AI) Kits along with Interdisciplinary Curriculum.

We have reached 35 sales channels, 1,800 schools, and from our own internal estimates over 400,000 children, with a mixed B2C/B2B business model. 

Twin also won one of the most prestigious education awards BETT Awards 2020 for Special Education Needs Solutions.

We are mission-oriented entrepreneurs.

Our team has worked together for over 10 years in previous roles, delivering over 10k hours of science education to children all over the globe, from private schools to refugee camps.

Our founding members have launched different startups in education, sustainability, accessibility, and design fields. We are awarded by the MIT Innovators Under 35, Forbes, United Nations, GSMA, and Great Place to Work.

We work with

Why we are crowdfunding?

We believe the ed-tech sector has reached its inflection point with rapid internet adoption, familiarity with digital payments, and the effects of Covid-19 ushering in ed-tech’s Golden Age.

We invite you on our mission to accelerate the transition to a better world and build the biggest children’s EdTech platform.

With this funding round, we intend to:

-    Reach 1 million children.

-    Create new AR, VR contents.

-    Develop AI for customized learning.

-    Grow the team from UK team members.

-    Reach new markets in different countries.